Art 305: How-to Video: Blender Basics

Remember to watch in 1080p!

Video Tutorial Reflection

As the semester ends, I wanted to do a video to go over some of the things I learned about 3d animation. I think talking over it would help solidify the knowledge in my mind. I found it difficult to strike a balance between being verbose and being too quick in how I presented the information. There is just so much information to go over, and it can be hard to choose what is important.

For recording, I used the excellent Open Broadcaster Software. If you are familiar with online streaming, like with Twitch.tv, Youtube Live, or Facebook Live, it is most likely that the streamers are using OBS to stream to those services. Here, I just used it to record my screen and voice to a file.

For the overlay to show my keyboard inputs, I couldn't get a plugin for OBS to work, and it was difficult to find input overlay software on Linux. I didn't want to write my own, so I ended up using this one I found called key-mon.

Overall, I think my tutorial video came out well. I learned so much by doing my animation and I could've kept going on and on. Everything I left out has been gnawing at me.