Art 305: Group Project

Here is the list of documents our group created for the project.

Group Project Reflection

Overall, the group project went on smoothly. Initially, we had several ideas for the topic of our lesson and weren't able to come to a consensus. Some initial ideas included doing: a more traditional art lesson about form or value, a lesson centered around political messaging, and a lesson around mental health. However, once we started thinking of what software application we wanted to include in the project and made that the starting point. It helped us narrow down our choices to focus our lesson plan on recycling.

I had seen the GooseChase app once before, during my work at a high school. At the time, I thought it was a fun activity and wanted to replicate it in this group project. However, I found that creating well-crafted, fun missions to be really difficult when there was this constraint of being recycling focused.

The experience of working in a group project was pretty fun. I wouldn't say it was too different than from what I've experienced in past group projects. I got to hear ideas that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. I had not known of the artist Yong Ho Ji prior to this project. As far as cooperation goes, I think that the responsibilities of the project were clearly delineated and independent so that after deciding a main topic, most of the group members could just focus on their assignment. Most of the discussion that occurred was focused on how to assemble each of our separate pieces together.

Teacher Sample: My Plastic Turtles