I am happy with this one. Oftentimes when I would paint in oil, I would feel like I was working with something very foreign to me. I took some time to make a drawing in pencil reverting to a drawing style more similar to how I would draw when I was younger, prioritising line over form.

I think I took a long time for this one, three days for just the pencil drawing, and then another three for the digital coloring. I still think my invention process is still unpredictable. Usually, I will start doodling until an idea catches and then proceed from there. Coming in with a preconceived idea has so far usually not produced good results. It will be something I have to work on.

For a long time, I think I haven't been really honest with my art making. Trying to push mediums and processes that I am not familiar with in the name of "learning", I have dodged away from making anything that's really meaningful to me. I feel like I haven't put much thought into what I was making and instead focused my mind on materials.

I need to focus on the idea, the composition. I want to make pictures that I would be glad to write my name on.