This pikachu painting. There is not much to it. It's just pikachu's face. However, aside from the two ears which I made slightly too big and then had to cover over it, I think that this one was painted very well.

The thing about painting, so far from my experience, is that if you want it to look very nice, very juicy, you have to paint thickly with a lot of paint. If you are going to paint directly, in mostly just one layer, this is the way to go. In fact, for very famous direct painters, like Sargent, that is the exact advice they give. "Use a lot of paint." When your brush starts to run dry, reload it with paint. Only a few strokes, perhaps just one or two, should be made before you dip your brush with paint again.

The subject I was going with here, Pikachu's face, was simple enough for me to do while adhering to the advice. Use a lot of paint. Plan my brushstrokes carefully. I proceed in a well thought out order. It came out nicely (Look at those cheeks!!! Soooo cute.). The road to mastery I suppose is to be able to stick to it even for more complex subjects and compositions. It is a very simple way to paint.

Indirect, multi-layered methods, still escape me. I will write more about the topic when I get the chance.