This is a monochrome painting done for the Juggernaut character for the PC video game, Dota 2. I referred to one of the promotional images from Valve for this one.

One thing I like about working in monochrome is that to me, it feels very much like drawing. I don't have to focus on the changes in color so much and keeping my brushes clean. I can focus on just the values and the shape. It allows me to be more free with how I interact with the paint on the canvas. I can rub it out with my fingers or a cloth or use a stick to make marks if I wish.

Much of drawing is about feel really. Can you feel the shapes, the curve of a ball, or the corner of a block? Your fingers know the feeling. Don't worry too much about sight.

Painting with the full roster of color, I don't think I am there yet. I need to find the way so that it feels natural to me.