Another exercise picture.

I tried painting thickly once again in this picture. I thought painting to impasto layers of thickness would make the bright areas pop out more. I am not sure how I feel when I look at them in here. I think the textures detract from that bright feeling. The textures and grooves definitely give the impression that something is IN light, but it does not feel like light shining.

Making edges against impasto is difficult. It seems inevitable that the edge that comes out will be incredibly hard. I usually like to have softer transitions so it bothers me a bit. In this painting, I don't think my attempt to making it softer came out very well. Brushing over the edge made quite a mess. I will have to investigate these problems more.

The way that the white bleeds into the black does give the impression of a bright light. I tried to make the curve on the outside of the ball to be smooth but that was difficult as well.