A drawing I did for the Death Prophet character for the PC video game Dota 2. As with a lot of my drawings, it usually starts out with doodling and then it develops into the way it does. I didn't intend to make a drawing for the character at the outset. It's just the way it ended up going.

For the strange shapes for the clouds and the circular borders, I was trying to experiment and see how things would look. I was thinking of something like Mucha.

What I like about this drawing, or rather, what gives me hope when I think about myself as a person who draws, is that when I look at my lines (in my good work) and see how they vary in strength and quality and see that they are interesting, and feel very... viewable... for a long time and still remain interesting, I see that it is possible for me to make something truly worthwhile. I hope I can get there.

The parts that stand out to me are they head, collar, shoulder area and the belt area. The weak point is the right hand and the left arm where I did not even draw the hand. It feels like there is a giant void in the bottom right area where the left hand should be.